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Press Release - 9th edition See in the Sea UW International Photocontest OrtonAmare 2014

Ortona Sub, diving association founded in 1990 and the National Center for training instructors of CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities), is organizing the 9th edition of the See in the Sea UW International Photocontest OrtonAmare 2014. 

"OrtonAmare" for expressing numbers, even in 2014 was selected by Dr. Angelo Mojetta (Trident gold, Ustica 2012) and AISI (Italian Association of Underwater) to compose the second edition dell'EUDIPHOTO TOP AWARD, the Italian Academy of underwater photography, which sees the evaluation of the winner, selected by an international jury, including the top finishers in the 5 most important competitions on the national scene. 

The edition 2014, uses a panel of international prestige, chaired by Paolo Fossati (Photojournalist and journalist contributor to magazines diving notes), Giuseppe Pignataro (Italian Champion and former judge of the most prestigious competitions of recent Italian and Italian Leagues) and Alberto Balbi (photojournalist collaborator of the most popular magazines of Italian industry and Apnea Magazine). 

The categories in which the contest is organized are MACRO WIDE (WIDE ANGLE), MEDITERRANEAN PORTFOLIO (a category that in the previous edition has been a resounding success), BEGINNERS, FRESHWATERS and category in external theme "The Crafts of the Sea" . 

The competition grows punctuated by the following dates: from 01 September to 15 October (sending works, Regulations and Application Form can be downloaded from the website, 18-19 October meeting of the Jury, November 15 Opening of the Exhibition & Events ceremony, November 23 closing of the exhibition. 

The prize is a practice of considerable thickness, with numerous intercontinental trips offered through the collaboration of business partners of great international importance (Albatros Top Boat, Aquadiving, Don This Sudan, Easydive, Dan Europe, Sportissimo Milan, Ponza Diving Center, Future sea Sorrento Diving, Project Sub DS Padi Gold Palm IDC Geremeas, COGALCO, Marlin Blue, St. Thomas specialty food Rosarubra held in Pietranico ...) and partnerships such as the one with the 'University of Salento and the twinning with the competition "the Sea Punta Ala - 1st contest John Smorti "

The Award ceremony and exhibition spaces will be set up in the prestigious halls of the sixteenth century Palazzo Farnese, in an impressive setting particularly elegant. 

OrtonAmare adopts new logo in See the Sea which condenses the spirit of this contest, created to look at the Sea through fantastic pictures of the best photographers, to tell the thrilling magic suspended the Blue Planet. 

See in the Sea OrtonAmare UW Photo Contest presents the call for participation and entry form downloaded from the website and you by appointment for a competition field and of great quality, where winning is difficult, but even more for this rewarding. 

Guest of honor at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 15 at 18:00 at the Palazzo Farnese, Mauro Francesconi one of the most famous Italian maker video, with incredible images of the underwater world. 

During the ceremony will be premiered on the program that includes the Sea See in OrtonAmare increase its offer, opening the competition also affixed to the videos through sections greedy news that many fans are waiting with curiosity


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