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Comment Paolo De Iure - President of Ortona Sub

Comment Paolo De Iure - President of Ortona Sub: 

"This 9th edition was a success witnessed by numbers really important. A Jury of unquestionable prestige and a prize pool of great depth, confirming the excellence in the national competition. Constantly growing participation of foreign authors, and this makes the competition even more exciting, helping to raise the technical level and spectacular. 

See the Sea win in UW OrtonAmare is difficult and for this reason even more exciting for fans who want to take up the challenge and your name engraved in the gold of the event. After the race we will focus our efforts to stage the exhibition, inaugurated by the Awards Ceremony scheduled for 15th November . Proud of our work for the next year which coincides with the 25th anniversary of social activity of Ortona Sub and the 10th edition of the competition, we already have in the yard of the really interesting news and we invite all to follow us on our sites and pages on Fb . Beyond the pure competitive aspect, however, is really exciting to discover the beauty of the narrative that all authors send us and enjoy human relationships that are created with Sponsor, juries and authors, an undeniable value that returns to us as organizers despite the efforts of increasing the magic of sharing this boundless passion for the sea. "

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